Bodega Bar El Pimpi

Encarni Navarro

Every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, enjoy the passion and energy of Encarni Navarro

Time: 22:30
Place: El Palomar de Picasso (Picasso Loft, El Pimpi)
Encarni Navarro’s show, ‘The Queen of El Pimpi’, has become one of the must-see events on the Malaga nightlife scene, with her trademark polka dot dance shoes and spontaneity. Her secret: That magical ability to connect with the spirit of flamenco, which spellbinds her audience every night, encouraging them to get up and join in the show. Once you’ve climbed the stairs up to the loft, out go your day-to-day cares and from then on its pure entertainment and enjoyment of the best in flamenco. No two nights are the same, as everything is improvised to go with the mood of the audience. Encarni sings versions of every style of song from Spanish artists - from Raphael to Camilo Sesto via Vanesa Martín, Diana Navarro, Bambino and Rafaela Carrá. Every night the show opens with the Pimpi anthem, with words and music by Malaga local, Juan Carlos Barranco.



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