Bodega Bar El Pimpi


Different halls, rooms & patios, with a unique atmosphere


The traditional bodega is divided into different rooms & patios, each one with a unique & special atmosphere: Coming into the bodega from Calle Granada, you enter the Patio de los Geranios (Patio of the Geraniums), flooded with natural light, and on the left you can see into the Carmen Thyssen Room, favourite with the younger crowd for its ‘fiesta’ and flamenco vibe. Next up, we can visit the Tertulias Room, named in honour of Antonio Gala - a place that encourages the meeting of creative and intellectual minds. At the heart of El Pimpi is the Barrel Hall. With its typical Malagueño decoration, it’s the soul of this bodega, filled with wine barrels with messages brimming with the words of kindness of great personalities from the worlds of culture and art who have visited us since the opening in 1971 and which lives & breathes the Málaga of yesteryear. If we go upstairs to the Palomar de Picasso (Picasso Loft), we can enjoy unique views of the Alcazaba and Roman Theatre from the balconies or unwind surrounded by an important collection of antique posters for festivals and bullfights that tell the story of Spain. Downstairs again, we reach the Patio de la Parra (the Vine Patio), perfect for tapas while studying the skill of our cured ham slicer. And finally, at the Calle Alcazabilla entrance, one of the pleasantest pedestrian streets in the city, and thanks again to our particularly special location, you can soak up the simple and convivial atmosphere on our terrace, taking in views of the Ibn Gabirol Gardens, Alcazaba (Moorish citadel) and Roman Theatre. The terrace is always open, as the excellent weather on the Costa del Sol means you can enjoy it 365 days a year. El Pimpi, with its many facets and personalities, always stays true to its roots and its purely Andalucian character.



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