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This bodega bar has long been a city icon and meeting place


Opened in 1971, El Pimpi is situated inside an old 18th century Málaga mansion house and is one of the longest-standing bodega bars in Málaga, where you can enjoy local food & wines and, above all, the culture & traditions of southern Spain. Its name harks back to the ‘Pimpi’, a local Málaga character who used to help the crews and passengers from the ships that arrived at the city’s docks. Before long, they had become the first Málaga tour guides, famous for their service and good humour. Generations of personalities from the worlds of flamenco, politics and the arts have visited our rooms & hallways: the Picasso Family, Carmen Thyssen, La Repompa, Antonio Banderas, The Duchess of Alba, amongst many others who bear witness to the bodega’s history. These days it’s a place to get together for celebrities, Malagueños and visitors alike, who go on to recommend us, rating us as one of the top cultural and culinary destinations in Málaga. The interior houses hundred-year-old decorations that surprise and captivate visitors, as does the amazing setting, surrounded as we are by our city’s most important historical monuments and cultural quarters: The Alcazaba, Roman Theatre, Picasso Museum, Carmen Thyssen Art Museum, Plaza de la Merced… Our aim is to become a symbol of quality, representing all that Málaga stands for, and, with your help, we hope to achieve it.   Imagen de la fachada de El Pimpi


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