Bodega Bar El Pimpi

Mondays at El Pimpi

A long-established evening of cultural ‘tertulia’ debates and presentations, featuring great artists, poets and writers.

Time: 20:00
Place: El Palomar de Picasso (Picasso Loft, El Pimpi)
These ‘tertulia’ evenings are one of the great El Pimpi traditions, started by Gloria Fuertes with her ‘Gloria’s Fridays’ in the 70s, along with poet, writer and academic José Infante. José carries on the tradition today with these interactive evenings, which are open to all. Every Monday, great artists, poets and writers come together, with the aim of generating a creative space - putting art, literature and poetry at centre stage. It’s a meeting that spans the generations with presentations, debates and discussion, as witnessed by greats such as María Victoria Atencia, Chantal Maillard, Antonio Gómez Yebra, amongst others. The events are in Spanish. The event also spawned the Young Poetry Prize. First created in 1972, it is still awarded in June every year.



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